the Universe is waiting for your dreams.....

The Universe, or your own potential, or the All-that -Is, or Life itself, is always waiting for the next connection. To life itself, to growth, to wants to know your dreams for yourself......

 Just a thought, but I am not really up to small talk anymore, it bores me, it's not that I am being unkind, but hearing about the weather, or your life in detail, your daily dramas, your long list of things you have done, or your stories, your past regrets, happenings, events, that no longer need to be relived, is not what I want to know about you.
It just doesn't feel like there is any purpose to it. Maybe I am just purpose driven, and I understand that sometimes spending time with people isn't about needing to have a purpose, other than the purpose of sharing time with others. And I know others don't feel the way I do.
Some still need you to understand where they have come from, the journey they have taken, the troubles they have endured.
I respect those journeys, those learnings, but I still want to turn to the future, and see what they are really wanting for themselves. That's where the happier feelings expand, the joy instigates itself into your life.
I know from experience that this has happened for me. I've turned from needing to learn from my past, to wanting to experience a better way of living my days...
Even though I am at a later stage of life, okay, I just turned 60, so I have a few years behind me, but I am suddenly, happily, looking to the days ahead. I feel that the past is past, and that the moment is now, to let the energy be full of wonderful dreams,and ideas!

I think, and feel, that we could be happier by talking up what we want for ourselves, and others, and for the world, Instead of wasting time talking about what's wrong with it, or our lives.

When I meet new people, it seems that we all start telling our stories, about what we have had to deal with, and not enough talking about where we are going. So, I am officially telling myself, no more. I will not be drawn in, even if I feel people don't understand me. Hopefully they will come to as time goes on.

I would be so much more excited to meet someone and hear something like "Hi, my name is...., and I'm currently doing, hoping and or planning to start a new area of......How refreshing!

And the energy that is sent out, radiates with a higher vibration, which is better for all of

moving in new circles.......

Moving in new circles....... is an interesting experience. Lately I have become involved in joining new circles. A couple of new art groups; one a new art journal group that my dear friend Lena has set up, so that like minded friends can meet regularly in our neighbourhood (eastern suburbs), and a contemporary art group once a month on a Saturday run by the artist Julia Mattea. Also a sacred healing circle that meets fortnightly run by the gifted and world renowned healer and best selling book author Michelle Mayur, who helps women to empower themselves and to reach their fullest potential both as women and as change makers in the World. Her sacred circle group includes women from across the world.
I have met some wonderful giving souls through all these experiences and feel my cup overflowing with friendship and joy. Most importantly to me is that I have found that the energy and knowledge I am gifted by spending time in other's company is limitless. There is always something new we can learn by stepping out of our comfort zone, extending ourselves outwards toward life, (read: getting out of my art cave), to continue my art journey of learning new things, new styles, create more expansively, and you really do need the positive, encouraging and supportive energy of others to stimulate this.
. Art is art in all it's forms isn't it. Busy with others making art!, Happy Days!

 Art is the process or product of deliberately arranging elements
 in a way that appeals to the senses or emotions.
 It encompasses a diverse range of human activities, 
creations, and modes of expression....
.....(from wikiquotes)