moving in new circles.......

Moving in new circles....... is an interesting experience. Lately I have become involved in joining new circles. A couple of new art groups; one a new art journal group that my dear friend Lena has set up, so that like minded friends can meet regularly in our neighbourhood (eastern suburbs), and a contemporary art group once a month on a Saturday run by the artist Julia Mattea. Also a sacred healing circle that meets fortnightly run by the gifted and world renowned healer and best selling book author Michelle Mayur, who helps women to empower themselves and to reach their fullest potential both as women and as change makers in the World. Her sacred circle group includes women from across the world.
I have met some wonderful giving souls through all these experiences and feel my cup overflowing with friendship and joy. Most importantly to me is that I have found that the energy and knowledge I am gifted by spending time in other's company is limitless. There is always something new we can learn by stepping out of our comfort zone, extending ourselves outwards toward life, (read: getting out of my art cave), to continue my art journey of learning new things, new styles, create more expansively, and you really do need the positive, encouraging and supportive energy of others to stimulate this.
. Art is art in all it's forms isn't it. Busy with others making art!, Happy Days!

 Art is the process or product of deliberately arranging elements
 in a way that appeals to the senses or emotions.
 It encompasses a diverse range of human activities, 
creations, and modes of expression....
.....(from wikiquotes)

Art exhibition........

UPDATE ON ART EXHIBITION Yeah!!!!! - all the work is done, and the exhibition is over, so grateful for the experience and love shared, and support from my friends and family too. Successful in that I enjoyed every moment of it, and also sold 16 pieces of artwork as well as tote bags. cushion covers and cards.Although you never get your money back that you spend to cover all the costs, I feel so blessed to have had the energy to do it, and spent the time exploring where I could take my art to by doing this.It will be a special memory of my life to look back on.So many beautiful friends turned up for the opening night to support my efforts. As well as helping hands (a  huge Thank you hug to),  to set up (Lena), and pack it up afterwards, (Glenda), my offical photographer, lovely Emma.
Anyone who knows me will understand how this was such a huge deal for me as my health is still an issue for me in my daily life, and it has taken a bit of a toll.As I started a year ago on it, with painting, and arranging it all. So I am resting up now. But can't wait to start painting again soon.