it's been a long journey this year, it seems....

 Oh, the weary, weary journey on the trek, day after day, With sun above and silent veldt below; And our hearts keep turning homeward to the youngsters far away,  And the homestead where the climbing roses grow. Shall we see the flats grow golden with the ripening of the grain? Shall we hear the parrots calling on the bough? Ah! the weary months of marching ere we hear them call again, for we’re going on a long job now... (excerpt from The Trek by Banjo Paterson

the Universe is waiting for your dreams.....

The Universe, or your own potential, or the All-that -Is, or just life itself, is always waiting for the next connection. To life itself, to growth, to wants to know your dreams for yourself......

 Just a thought, but I am not really up to small talk anymore, it's not that I am being unkind, but hearing about the weather, or your daily dramas in detail, is not what I want to know about you.
It just doesn't feel like there is any purpose to it. 
Maybe I am just purpose driven. I respect the journeys, the learning, but I want to turn to the future, and see what people are really wanting for themselves.
That's where the happier feelings expand, the joy instigates itself into your life.
I feel that the past is past, and that the moment is now, to let the energy be full of wonderful dreams,and ideas!
When I meet new people, it seems that we all start telling our stories, about what we have had to deal with, and not enough talking about where we are going.
I would be so much more excited to meet someone and hear something like "Hi, I'm currently doing, hoping and or planning to start a new area of......How refreshing!
And the energy that is sent out, radiates with a higher vibration, which is better for all of us.x