sunlight on water

Heading back home from the sun and the sand and the water after a short break away...
A soft wind blows early summer warmth on the shore.
White sand unsullied laid out for miles.
Bare feet wading in cool shallow water. Peaceful mind, smiling heart.
Bliss, this blue sky blending into gentle aqua waves.
Muted sounds of children laughing, dogs barking. Lips cool from ice cream.
Tall pine trees, white roses, shady lawns, bluebells waiting to greet us at the steps.
mixed media/collage - acrylics, hand painted papers, collage elements, graphite pencil and ink..... 

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Lena said...

Oh Julia! Beautiful as usual but somehow more peaceful & tranquil...look what a little break in nature can do! So glad you got inspired...You must do it (get away) more often :)