Abstract Expressionist mixed media /Melbourne, Australia
I paint to let go, to flow into freedom and joy, to see where art leads me. I love the sensation of painting without the need to exact form. I find images come after letting the colours and pattern move into something spontaneous. I often choose the fuchsia & magenta tones, turquoises, deep greens, bright orange and earthy ochres. My heart connects with the sun, rain, water, ferns and leaves. Symbols that call to me are swirls, flora, birds, nets, and baskets. I allow images and words to process from personal deeper meaning. I am a sensitive over thinker, and this shows in my work as a bit too serious at times. I am learning to accept, appreciate and trust that this is my message, my way.

I live in a green, leafy suburb of Melbourne, Australia. I studied drawing and graphics at the Elsternwick School of Art for a few years, (now The Melbourne School of Art), when I was working with fabric design and creating women's fashion ranges, as a fashion buyer for a national department store.  I am a psychotherapist now using counselling and hypnotherapy to help my clients to connect to their highest potential in life. I am also a spiritual healer, currently both a member of a sacred healers circle, and a psychic mediumship group, and have facilitated meditation groups. I held art therapy workshops, as well as teaching embroidery and textile art. I only recently returned to doing art through a new inspired interest in mixed media, collage, abstract painting and art journaling. Currently I am combining different elements in my art work; paint, collage, pencil and ink. I have taken many online classes, and have been lucky enough to do workshops in person with Misty Mawn, Tracy Bautista, Flora Bowley, Ro Bruhn, Orly Avineri, Tracy Verdugo, Liza Zeni to name a few.

I am currently following and am inspired by: Wallace Whitney, Jane Davies, Bob Burridge, Conn Ryder, Orly Avineri, Mary Nomecos, Krista Harris, Val Rossman, Gina Pellon.

2017-  Group exhibition -  Canterbury Art Show
2016 -  Solo exhibition -  Box Hill Community Art Centre
2004 -  Group exhibition -  St Micheal's Gallery Space - Melbourne

Publications Featured in:
"A World of Artists Journal Pages" - 230 Artists - 2015
"Art Journal Kickstarter" - 100 Artists - 2015

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